MrDuka Kenya brings online a selection of Furniture, as found in certain shops and stores around Nairobi, which wasn't the case previously since typical Furniture shops will not sell high end items without the aspect of 'touch n feel', so crucial when buying really expensive furniture.

The fact that MrDuka.com Kenya displays the contact and location on of the various shops listed on their website is to me a breath of fresh air and a sign of being honestly dedicated to providing customers the very best selection of online Electronics and other items in Nairobi, Kenya.

I love the wide selection on the Mr Duka website and that I can search for items in shops in my own locality. The quality on MrDuka.com is superior to that of other online sources because they only list items from established stores.

I love MrDuka.com simply because it allows me to properly browse shops in Nairobi from the comfort of my home, and then choose the item and the store once I've made my choice. So much better than the hassle of going shop to shop with the heavy traffic.
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