Frequently asked Questions

Q: What is all about ?

A: MrDuka is a o2o ( online to offline ) shopping platform in Kenya that enables people to find new products for sale in Kenya from official brands, retailers, shops and outlets. Importantly, we only display new products from reputed shops & stores, thereby ensuring quality.

We leverage the internet to connect people to products they want to buy. Quite simply, this is a better way to shop. Going to a retail outlet once you know what they have in store ( and at what price), is always better than visiting a number of stores in different locations while not knowing what the prices are or if what you are looking for is even in available. The hassles of traffic, parking and wasted time mean that store hopping is no longer the smart way to shop.

Q: Can I buy online from MrDuka ?

A: Not just yet .. but soon, hopefully by mid 2017, we hope to sell certain products from certain merchants online. When that happens, we want to provide a superior experience for you, the customer, and it is for this reason that we are building this platform from the ground up, ensuring that we are a curated, quality-first retail platform.

Q: Can I sell products on MrDuka ?

A: Only if you are an officially business, registered in Kenya as a retail outlet. In other words, we allow only shops, stores, outlets and brands to enlist their products with us. All products offered on are brand new.

We do not allow individuals to sell on

Also, we do not on-board just any retailer onto MrDuka. We have a criteria of selection which includes being a reputed outlet, with a convenient , easily accessible location and a quality, genuine collection of brand new products. We especially value shops and products which offer an original, diverse collection of merchandise.

Q: Are the products all New & Genuine ?

A: Yes ! We are a curated marketplace because we select who lists on our platform. Because we have only trusted brands and retailers on MrDuka, you can rest assured that we meet stringent standards in products listings to ensure quality.

Q: Is available in other cities in Kenya ?

A: Although our primary location of activity is Nairobi, we will be active in the major cities and towns of Kenya such as Mombasa, Kisumu, Nakuru and Eldoret.

Q: Do shoppers need to register ?

A: No - anyone can browse our platform to search for stuff they wish to buy. However we suggest you register for the many benefits such as being able to save your favorite products, creating wishlists, and for being able to receive notifications on superb deals and offers from various shops & stores in Nairobi and all over Kenya.

Imagine knowing of a new collection that has just arrived in your favorite shop, or that 50% discount on those pairs of shoes you have been thinking of buying.

When you register, you directly receive useful shopping information. Information is valuable intelligence.

Q: Is your platform Hyper Local ?

A: Yes our platform allows for hyper location search, so that you will be able to find products from shops near you. However we will be activating this feature in due course, within a time span of 3 months.

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